Affikah Fara Diba, M. Nur Mukmin, Rohima Sera Afifah


In drilling operations, mud planning is one of the most important factors in supporting the success of drilling operations in oil wells. Planning for the use of drilling mud is used for maximum results in cutting and maintaining drilling wells. This study aims to determine the cause of swelling and what problems will be caused if swelling control is carried out less than optimally. In this study, we analyze the mud that will be used in drilling operations, so that it can prevent or minimize swelling of clay in the shale system by adjusting the polyamine content to be used. After doing the research, it was found that at the "X" well there was no swelling in each route because each route was dominated by alkaline mud which had a pH above 7 then the total polyamine used for the mud system in the "X" well was as much as 3654,903 gal with a concentration of 1.5%.


Clay; Swelling; Polyamine; Shale

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